Tenant Representation


Whether you are new to commercial leasing or have a wealth of experience, Stout & Teague’s Tenant Representation experts will help you find the best home for your organization, balancing your short-term needs with your long-term goals. We can provide you with renewal, relocation, consolidation and acquisition services. We have an extensive network of resources to employ, depending on your unique needs and preferences. We will identify and translate your strategic objectives into real estate requirements and help you discover the most ideal solution.


We usually advise tenants to begin evaluating their leasing situation at least 12 months prior to their current lease expiration. As you get closer to lease expiration, your options may become fewer. Understanding your alternatives will give you more leverage with landlords throughout the market.

Strategy Development

We help tenants analyze and evaluate their corporate strategy and translate them into real estate requirements and priorities. This guides the decision to renew or relocate, as well as evaluating relocation options.

Market Search

We advise clients to survey the market, even if they are happy with their current space. This educational exercise can lead to a greater appreciation of current space, a better understanding of the changes needed to make the current space work better, or an awareness of a better fit elsewhere. We will use adaptive, creative approaches to identify and evaluate opportunities and will include off-market space options. We will present and compare the optimal alternatives and arrange tours.


Through the process of launching the market survey and similar activities, we will create a competition in the marketplace for your tenancy. This will leverage your position and motivate your landlord to offer you the most favorable terms. Based upon your requirements, we will request a renewal offer which may include such items as expansion options, relocation options within the property, renovation options, rent abatement, more favorable rental rates, and/or a lower escalation rate. We will evaluate renewal offers, prepare counter-offers and negotiate all the details of the lease extension on your behalf.


We will arrange follow-up tours for your top relocation options and request rental offers on your behalf. We will evaluate and compare all offers and present you with our findings. Based on your feedback, we will prepare counter-offers, help you narrow-down your options and work through the negotiation process to a successful new lease.

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To learn more about our Tenant Representation services, please email Michael Gordon or call him at 202-328-5136.