Nonprofit TICAS Advances to Capitol Hill

Nonprofit TICAS Advances to Capitol Hill

Jan 05, 2016
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The Institute for College Access & Success (TICAS) recently moved into very rare office space on Capitol Hill, the United Methodist Building at 110 Maryland Ave. TICAS works to make higher education more available and affordable for people of all backgrounds. The United Methodist leases space to qualified 501(c)(3) organizations and TICAS was a perfect fit. The United Methodist Buildings are also a perfect fit for TICAS:

  • located next to the U.S. Supreme Court and across from the U.S. Capitol
  • beautiful conference rooms
  • easy walking distance to Metro and Union Station
  • on-site fitness center
  • gorgeous views

Fellow nonprofits agree! Recently several have extended their leases and some have expanded their space:

  • General Conference of the Seventh Day Adventist Church
  • The Islamic Society of North America
  • National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition
  • United Church of Christ

Learn more about the United Methodists Buildings.

To learn more about TICAS, visit their website at